Park Avenue or Bust!

Park Avenue or Bust: A Pause

Dear Vasanistas,

I know you looked forward to starting the month of July with a new chapter of Park Avenue or Bust! With Vasa, Ypres, and a wounded and groaning Beaconsfield-Outremont last seen scampering off Park Avenue, who would not. The suspense is high. The possibilities are numerous.

Yet, the next chapter, when it will be published, will be the last of the Park Avenue or Bust! full-length adventure. I feel a moment is needed to pause and reflect on that.

The adventure began with a premature “huzzah!” and 1,050 followers in September of 2016. Nearly two years later, as it is coming to a close, Park Avenue or Bust! is broadcast to over 1,960 followers, and, in length, contains double the nonsense of A Mayfair Conundrum.

This success would be impossible without your participation and support, and I hope that to mark the occasion, Vasa and Ypres shall reach 2,000 followers.

The draft is ready, the fingers are poised for revisions, the stage is set for the final scene. Yet the adventure will continue, as I hope to publish Park Avenue or Bust! in book form in time to celebrate the two years of that first chapter.

In the meantime, if you enjoy the nonsense, satire, and contradictions that are Vasa and Ypres, please ask your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances to take a look.


J.B. Chisholm


2 thoughts on “Park Avenue or Bust: A Pause

  1. I am both happy that Park Avenue or Bust will be published as a book and sad that there is only one chapter left.

    A devoted Vasanista

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