Park Avenue or Bust!

Chapter XXXV – Wagnerian Distress

Those of you who are not familiar with Wagner will underestimate the extent of Madison’s tormented emotions. Whereas Mozart and Rossini are usually good-humoured fun, with a bit of harmless suspense thrown in, Wagner is the equivalent of a protracted tragic identity crisis. It summons the full range of painful emotions in a most ungermanic… Continue reading Chapter XXXV – Wagnerian Distress


Park Avenue or Bust!

Chapter XVI – Madison

 Her eyes affixed me with incomprehensible glee. They had the appearance of a deer’s. A deer caught crossing the motorway. “Hi, I’m Madison,” she said extending her hand with unbridled enthusiasm. “Vanessa E. Vasa. Mayfair, London. How do you do?” I replied. “You’re British! How exciting!” “It would appear so.” Madison leaned in, doing what theatrical… Continue reading Chapter XVI – Madison