A Mayfair Conundrum

Chapter XIV – Ypres’s Conundrum Conclusion

A week had passed since the pork pie solution had been dismissed. It was a brilliant solution. One of the finest products of the Vasa mind. That Uncle Edward failed to recognise this was madness. His unilateral pork disarmament proved the final blow to the idea of the decade. Those pork pies were my Newton’s… Continue reading Chapter XIV – Ypres’s Conundrum Conclusion


A Mayfair Conundrum

Chapter VII – An Upgrade to Conundrum

The magnitude of Lanky Ella Lanesbury’s revelation was dumbfounding. Had it been an earthquake, it would have unleashed a tsunami, and not in a good way. I remained steadfast in my Freudian listening pose. Learning from Ypres, I betrayed no emotion. When the Vasa-Lanesbury dialogue resumed, I was the incarnation of stoicism. “A kiss! With… Continue reading Chapter VII – An Upgrade to Conundrum