A Mayfair Conundrum

Chapter XII – Another Observation

“Right ho! You may read your notes, Ypres.” Lanky Ella, Uncle Edward, Ypres and I (I think I have the me v. I things under control) sought refuge after we had been shooed away from Regent Street by the crimson menace. One does not stay long in the presence of a man who is bent… Continue reading Chapter XII – Another Observation


A Mayfair Conundrum

Chapter VII – An Upgrade to Conundrum

The magnitude of Lanky Ella Lanesbury’s revelation was dumbfounding. Had it been an earthquake, it would have unleashed a tsunami, and not in a good way. I remained steadfast in my Freudian listening pose. Learning from Ypres, I betrayed no emotion. When the Vasa-Lanesbury dialogue resumed, I was the incarnation of stoicism. “A kiss! With… Continue reading Chapter VII – An Upgrade to Conundrum