Summer Short Shorts

Summer Short Shorts: A Three Part Vasa and Ypres Adventure

Vasa and Ypres’s appeal is steadily growing. This is a pleasant surprise for a project which had modest ambitions. It has led to a sentiment of pride. To quote Vanessa E. Vasa in Chapter IV of A Mayfair Conundrum:

“I felt real pride. Not the kind of pride exhibited by vivacious drag queens at parades. That is a liberating blooming pride. Rather, it was a particular pride. A pride of satisfaction akin to that of a police officer foiling an elaborate plot. A bank robbery, or a hostage situation. Actually, a robbery and a hostage situation.”

Amazingly, readers are amused by the Vasa and Ypres duo. Many have commented on how they see themselves in Ypres, a steady hand who has to deal with an at times insufferable Vasa.

Over 770 WordPress followers is a clear signal that the show must go on. Therefore, a second full-length Vasa and Ypres adventure is in the works.

In the meantime, I will be posting a three part short story, Summer Short Shorts, over the coming weeks, starting next Monday at 12:00 EST 17:00 GMT. Summer Short Shorts will see Vasa and Ypres mark the arrival of summer in London’s Hyde Park.

Also, do not forget that Vasa and Ypres: A Mayfair Conundrum is available on Amazon, and that the most up-to-date news is shared on Twitter @VasaAndYpres. Comments and reviews are more than welcome.


J. B. Chisholm (The Author)

6 thoughts on “Summer Short Shorts: A Three Part Vasa and Ypres Adventure

  1. Dear Author (aka J.B. Chisholm),
    Thank heavens for worthy reads over the summer!
    With utmost anticipation,

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  2. Now this is the kind of news to start a week off with! I simply can’t wait to read the “Short Shorts” and to see what kind of hilarity that title indicates.

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